STG Labs

The incubation center for many of our portfolio companies, building their engineering, professional services and support delivery teams in India.

Since 2003, STG has provided its companies the support necessary to create and expand teams in India, enabling superior talent acquisition and cost optimization.

STG Labs is the incubation center for many of STG’s portfolio companies, building their engineering, professional services, and support delivery teams in India.

STG Labs offers a start-up environment for software and AI engineers, data scientists and analysts, project and product managers and provides a unique opportunity to work in the software and technology sectors. Based in Bangalore, STG Labs supports work from home as well as multiple physical locations across India.


The STG Labs headquarters is a 19,000 square foot contemporary office in Bangalore, India. The office was designed in 2019, with productivity and collaboration in mind. Feel the vibrancy and energy of innovative teams who enjoy generous personal workspaces, collaborative meeting rooms, convenient breakout rooms, and a comfortable cafeteria.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Be part of a global, innovative team to build, operate, and secure software products developed on best-in-class technology frameworks and capabilities. Use state-of-the-art tools, follow modern and empowering product development methodologies, and collaborate with colleagues across multiple locations in the US and Europe.

At STG Labs, we have it all: STG portfolio companies use the best cloud-native technologies, embrace contemporary data architectures and tools, and adopt modern languages and frameworks. Our teams provide support for mastering automation for DevSecData Ops, delivering solutions across a variety of deployment options such as cloud and multi-prem. We are embracing cutting-edge technology for search, AI, and ML to support innovation and deliver products on rapid release cycles – always with a continuous improvement mindset.

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STG Labs India Pvt. Ltd.
Prestige Shantiniketan, Ground Floor, Crescent 2,
Whitefield Main Road, Whitefield,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560066

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